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Abenda Link The Abenda Link

Tara directs you up into Higher Realms to meet her spirit guide Abenda, who guides you through a doorway into a large room with crystal walls and a swirling energy field. Abenda will assist you to unlock life's mysteries. You call in your own spirit guide and others, who provide you with symbols of your needs. You use "thought language" to communicate directly with who those love, teach and guide you -- asking your own questions and receiving your own answers. The most important sentence you could possible hear at this time is projected into your mind. Abenda then asks you to put all your burdens and the things you do not want in your life into a basket, which she disposes of. Much more.
(1 track only on this CD.)

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Back To The Beginning Back To The Beginning
Meditation & Sleep Programming

Tara relaxes and guides you to a magnificent Temple of the Mystics where you will become ever more psychic and wise. You experience a third-eye opening process and call in your guides, Masters and the power of the Supernatural. Your Mystical teacher joins you and provides you with a special tool to work with in the Mystery-School environment. You will meditate and feed energy into your soul, thus expanding your mental powers. Together with your Mystical teacher and working with the tool, you will remove blocks that are holding you back. You'll feel the enhanced power coming into your body and experience the awesome vibrational power of love. Much more. Track 2: Sleep Programming.

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Create Your Destiny Create Your Destiny
Meditation & Sleep Programming

Working in the magnificent Temple of the Mystics, Tara directs you to experience this powerful sorcing (sorcery) meditation. She assists you to open your ears for "true hearing" and your eyes to prophetic sight. Open to true speech and unlock the powers of the Supernatural. Together, you call in the Universal energy -- the power to receive blessings and miracles. You will source prosperity with vivid imagery, and scan your contracts for a wonderful life. Then you will put your wishes in your treasure box upon an altar you have decorated with photos and positive symbols of your life. This is followed by a meditation period in which you bring your energy into alignment with your goals. Track 2: Sleep Programming.

TCD22 - $9.99

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